Seven Health Benefits of Lemons


Valerie Lull

Just about everyone knows that lemons are a healthful fruit. They are used a lot in the culinary world for everything from flavoring for chicken to lemon meringue pie. They are full of vitamin C, minerals, flavonoids and many other good nutrients. They are also low in calories and useful for weight loss.


Here are some little known facts about the health benefits of lemons that I would like to share with you.

  1. Lemons help balance the pH level in your body. Lemons can be quite acidic but once your body processes them they are alkaline.
  2. Lemons are high in potassium. Lemons have 80 milligrams of this mineral. Potassium is important to help regulate blood pressure.
  3. Lemons contain antioxidants. The vitamin C in lemons is an antioxidant. Antioxidants fight free radicals which promote inflammation and chronic disease.
  4. Lemons are a mood booster. Lemons contain a high amount of negatively charged ions which help to improve mood and energy.
  5. Lemons are an insect repellent. This is good if you have children or pets because it won’t harm them and it will make the bugs go away.
  6. Lemons have a high fiber content. Lemons have pectin which helps to keep you from getting hungry or overeating.
  7. Lemon juice helps your liver. The juice helps flush out toxins and causes the liver to produce bile.
All these things are great for maintaining good health and preventing disease. Years ago when I lived in California we had a lemon tree in our back yard. It was great fun to pick lemons off our own tree to make fresh lemonade. Lemons are readily available in any supermarket and not  too expensive. Many people drink warm lemon water in the morning to get their digestion going. Some folks drink lemon water throughout the day. However you like your lemons, they are a great super food.
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