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Marjoram, (Origanum marjorana) is a herb that we don’t usually hear much about, but it is good for skin, digestive problems and pain. It can be used as a culinary spice, a herb or as an essential oil. It is used to flavor foods and beverages, and as a fragrance for cosmetics and soaps.

Marjoram originated in the Mediterranean; some authorities say Cyprus and Southern Turkey, others say Egypt. The ancient Greeks believed marjoram was a symbol of peace, harmony and happiness.  It is sometimes called oregano, but not to be confused with the oregano we use on pizza.

The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation. The essential oil is useful for many things. It relieves pain from colds, fevers, inflammation, sore muscles, headaches and aches and pains.  It does not have adverse effects like NSAIDS.(over the counter pain relievers).

Marjoram contains vitamins A and C, calcium and Iron. It also has antioxidants. Besides the oil, marjoram can be used as an infusion of fresh or dried leaves or as a powder. Some herbalists make remedies with the flowers. Drinking the tea can improve digestion, appetite, relieve nausea, diarrhea, constipation and stomach cramps.

A simple anti-wrinkle ointment can be made using 1 or 2 drops of marjoram essential oil and two tablespoons coconut oil. Mix the two together and apply to  your face. It will help soften wrinkles.

Here is a recipe for Marjoram tea. Put 2-3 Tablespoons of fresh marjoram leaves in a cup. Pour over leaves 8 oz. of boiling water. Steep 5 – 10 minutes. Strain and use sweetener of choice. I like honey.….0…1..64.serp..0.0.0.HIcvC0noGOA


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