Cumin for Inflammation


Valerie Lull

Cumin is a spice that is well known for its use in Mexican, Spanish, Middle Eastern and Indian foods. It is technically classified as a herb and it has many medicinal uses. Some of the uses for cumin include reduced inflammation, increased urination, reduce gas, suppress muscle spasms, indigestion, jaundice, and diarrhea. It can be used in a poultice, a suppository and smoked in a pipe.
Cumin is native to hot countries like South Africa, Egypt, China and Morocco. It was used by the Romans and the Greeks for its health benefits. Cumin is mentioned in the Bible. Cumin is a seed and it is the seeds that are used for medicine. They can be obtained dried, or ground. Ground cumin is a brownish-green color.

Cumin has been used as a culinary spice for centuries. Besides being used as a seasoning for food, the oil is used for alcoholic beverages. Cumin is an antioxidant and is antibacterial. It can lower blood sugar and strengthen bones. Cumin has been used for boils and makes a great tonic. Cumin is good for hair and skin.

Some of the side effects of cumin include heartburn, belching, a heavy menstrual cycle, and low blood sugar. Because of the blood sugar lowering action cumin is not good for diabetics in quantities more than what is used in cooking. Some people are allergic to cumin and it can cause skin rashes.

Cumin seeds are often mistaken for caraway seeds because the seeds look similar. Cumin is also used for non food and medicine items like lotions and perfumes. Cumin seeds can be boiled and steeped for eight or nine minutes to make a tea. It is also available in capsule form from online retailers.…/ingredientmono-635-cumin.aspx:…cumin

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