Detox with Lemons



Valerie Lull

Lemon water has been a perennial favorite for health minded people. Lemons have nutrients and vitamins and serve many functions in the body. One reason lemons are so popular is that they cleanse the body of toxins and waste.

Lemons and lemon water serve as a detox or cleanse for  the body. One way lemons cleanse is by aiding digestion. Lemon juice is similar to the digestive juices in the stomach. The lemon juice causes the liver to make more bile which keeps things moving. It  eases bloating and causes the liver to flush out toxins. Lemon juice is a mild diuretic. It helps to get rid of toxic elements in the urinary tract. Consuming lemon water is also good for your skin.

Lemon water has a reputation as a weight loss beverage. It keeps the metabolism going, but if you are drinking coffee and soda pop, the lemon water will not do much good. One recipe for weight loss is to add a little honey to the lemon water.

Lemons can be eaten straight, or juiced, or mixed with water. Some folks prefer warm water and others prefer cold. One of my favorite ways to have lemon is to  squeeze out the juice of one lemon, add a little stevia and some club soda. It gives the lemon water a bit of a zip and tastes like lemonade.

Lemonade is delicious as a drink on a hot summer day and is good for you, as long as you stay away from the sugar and make it yourself.  Some lemonade products on the market don’t have any lemons in them at all. The formulas are just chemicals from a lab. The natural fruit is so much better.

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