Pomegranates – Healthy and Nutritous


By Valerie Lull

Pomegranates are an ancient fruit that is native to Iran. They are known historically as early as 3000 B.C.E.  Pomegranates were buried in King Tut’s tomb and some suggest it was a pomegranate that Eve ate in the garden of Eden. The ancients used pomegranates for health remedies as well as for food. The seeds are the part of the pomegranate that are eaten. They are called arils. Pomegranate seeds are classified as a berry.

This ancient fruit is loaded with nutrients. Pomegranates have fiber, protein, Vitamins A, C, E, and K, folate and potassium. In addition there is natural sugar and minerals. They contain punicalagins which are powerful anti-oxidants and punicic acid which is a fatty acid. Pomegranates have anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-tumor properties. Pomegranates have more anti-oxidants than red wine and green tea. Pomegranates are useful for high-blood pressure, dental problems, anemia, diabetes, osteoarthritis and cancer.  Pomegranates are anti-inflammatory and the juice is good for a sore throat.

There are a number of ways you can consume pomegranates. You can eat the seeeds, drink the juice, make a tea, or consume a syrup. The seeds can be used in cooking. The arils can be stored in the freezer so you can enjoy them any time of the year. In today’s world pomegranates are as near as the local market.

Here is a simple recipe for a cup of green tea with lemon and pomegranate.

1 tsp loose green tea or 1 tea bag

1 c boiling water

1 fresh cut lemon wedge

1/8 c crushed pomegranate seeds

Sweetener to taste

Steep green tea, lemon, and pomegranate together in boiling water for three minutes then strain. Add sweetner as desired. Enjoy!





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