Simple Ways to Stay Healthy

By Valerie Lull, MH

Herbs for Cats

People who are interested in holistic medicine are often interested in using natural methods with their pets. Animals are instinctively drawn to certain plants for certain needs that they have. For instance, cats will often nibble on grass. This is their way of taking a laxative.

As holistic medicine has become more popular for humans, it has become more popular for treating pets as well. There is now an American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association that is dedicated to using natural remedies for animals. Following are a list of several herbs and how they can help your cat.

Dill – is an herb that can relieve a cats upset stomach, nausea and flatulence. You can crush some dill and add it to your cat’s food dish, or make a tea and add a few drops to their wet food.

Eyebright – can help ease irritation and can clear up a discharge coming from your cat’s eyes. To enhance the healing process, you can make an infusion of eyebright. You may need a dropper to get the cooled tea into your cat’s mouth.

Cat Grass – Cat grass is usually wheat grass, oat grass, barley grass or orchard grass. Cat grass does not give your cat a high like catnip, but the cats do seem to enjoy it. Cats eat it for various reasons; to induce vomiting to bring up hairballs, or for a laxative that helps the hairballs pass through the system.

Parsley – Another herb that cats often nibble on is parsley. It helps with their digestion and with kidney ailments. Veterinarians say parsley is good to support your cat’s urinary health because it is antifungal and fights infection. Parsley is included in a lot of health supplements for cats.

Catnip – is loved by felines the world over. It makes them feel good and relieves them of stress and nervousness. A catnip tea bath can be used to soothe itchy ski on your cat.

If you have any questions about using herbs for your cat consult your veterinarian. Do not use essential oils on cats. Their bodies don’t metabolize it well and it can be toxic.


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