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Gingko-Biloba (2)
Ginkgo-Biloba leaf

Herbs that Boost Circulation

Circulation of the blood is necessary for life, health and proper body functioning. Circulation can be improved by lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and stress management. Sometimes the body needs a little bit more and this is where herbs can be helpful. Here are some herbs that can help boost circulation and benefit arteries and muscles as well.

Ginkgo Biloba – This herb is known for boosting the circulation of the blood in the brain. Many people take it for memory problems. This herb improves circulation in other parts of the body as well. In Germany physicians use it for varicose veins. Research at the University of Maryland Medical Center showed that ginkgo opens the blood vessels and makes the blood less sticky.

Garlic – For the folks who can do it, eating garlic regularly gives many health benefits. Garlic remedies have been used for centuries and they are still  used today. Garlic is reported to be effective for circulation, high and low blood pressure and cholesterol levels.If you just can’t stomach eating raw garlic, there are a variety of garlic supplements you can get that are also effective.

Cayenne – This spicy herb has circulation benefits both externally and internally. There are capsicum creams that can be used on the skin that enhance blood flow. When used internally, in capsule form and in food, it can stimulate the arteries and blood flow.

Hawthorn –  Hawthorne is well-known for its health benefits to the cardiovascular system. Some evidence shows that it may help congestive heart failure, irregular heart beat, and blood pressure. It is also used for circulation.

Flaxseed – This seed is packed with nutrition. It is a plant source for omega 3’s that helps with circulation. One word of caution, it is possible to take too much flaxseed. Work closely with your health provider if  you want to use this herb or any other herb.

Bilberry – Using bilberry to help improve eye disorders is well known. Bilberry also supports circulation all over the body and is sometimes used for varicose veins and atherosclerosis.

Always check with your health care provider before using  herbs for medicinal purposes.

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