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I love cherries, they are my favorite fruit. Cherries are the mouth-watering treat in cherry tarts, cherry pie, cherry pastries, cherry cobbler, cherry turnovers and eaten as as just plain cherries. Cherries are generally sweet or sour in taste. The sour ones are mainly used for cooking.

Cherries come in a variety of colors, flavors and sizes. They are known as a stone fruit from the genus Prunus. Cherries have been around since the dawn of history and were found in Europe, Asia and North Africa. Cherries were consumed by the Greeks, Romans and Chinese. They were introduced into England by order of King Henry VIII.  Cherries were brought to the new world  by  early settlers in the 1600’s.

Almost everyone has heard about cherries being helpful for gout. Did you know that cherries have many other health benefits? Some of the things they have been used for over the centuries include arthritis, reducing muscle pain, reducing belly fat, lower stroke risk, reduce inflammation, cancer protection, and antioxidant protection.

Cherries are packed with nutrition including vitamins C, B-6, A and K . They contain potassium, copper, magnesium, iron,manganese, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. They contain beta carotene, quercetin. plant sterols and anthocyanins.

Cherry juice is popular, both by itself or mixed with lemonade or soft drinks. Since cherries are in season now, go ahead and  enjoy some.

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Simple Ways to Stay Healthy

I am a master herbalist and I write a blog about general health and wellness. I discuss herbs, natural remedies and nutrition.

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